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Paver Patio Installation in Bolingbrook, IL & Nearby Areas

A well-designed and installed patio in Bolingbrook, Illinois and its surrounding communities effectively increases the square footage of your home, giving you a comfortable, attractive setting to entertain your family and friends all season long. Patios can also increase your property’s value. Patio installation is a good investment for you to use and enjoy, and it pays off later when you go sell your house. Buyers get excited thinking about sitting on that patio all summer after they move in!

Paver Patio Durability

Paver and flagstone patios, when installed correctly, hold up very well. We install compacted base material underneath all our patio installations. We also use commercial grade compactors, which few companies own. We don’t believe that a smaller compactor can do an adequate job. The base preparation is the most important part of a Bolingbrook, Illinois patio, and we don’t skimp on it. We want these things to last a long time!

Pavers Offer Better Flexibility & Strength

Pavers have a thick solid base under them and the surface is made of interlocked pieces which can flex independently with the freeze and thaw. They are cured in ovens, so their PSI strength is typically triple that of a concrete slab. Individual pieces can always be removed and reset or replaced in the future. Stone is on the same solid base and can also withstand winter flexing.

Here at JC Lawncare Inc. we work with concrete pavers, clay pavers, and natural flagstone. The word “paver” is the industry term for brick. Concrete pavers today come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, some of which rival natural stone in creating a premium look.

Sidewalk and Walkway Paver Installation in Bolingbrook, Illinois

An upgraded walkway in Bolingbrook, IL can take your landscape design to the next level by making it not only beautiful but also by improving your curb appeal and potentially enhancing your property’s value. Our design team at JC Lawncare Inc of Bolingbrook, Il can determine the right pattern, such as jack-on-jack, pinwheel, herringbone, to name a few. We can even add finishing touches like plant beds and lighting. Contact JC Lawncare Inc. to get started on your walkway paver installation today.

Driveway Pavers Installation in Bolingbrook, IL

For the longest-lasting and most aesthetically pleasing driveway design in Bolingbrook, Illinois and surrounding areas such as Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Western Springs, Homer Glen, New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena & La Grange, Illinois, consider natural stone or concrete pavers rather than concrete slabs. When you compare the benefits of slab and stamped concrete to pavers, aside from aesthetics, the cost is an important factor. Slab concrete has lower up-front costs and higher maintenance and repair costs. Pavers have higher up-front costs and lower maintenance and repair costs. Plus, the segmented surface of a paved drive allows for better hold-up and drainage in the tough winter climates of Illinois.

Unilock Is Our Preferred Paver Of Choice

Although there are several options of pavers to choose from. JC Lawncare Inc. prefers to use Unilock. Much like JC Lawncare Inc., Unilock has been helping people create beautiful outdoor spaces that become treasured places to build lasting memories. We are a firm believer in quality and in our opinion there is no better paver than Unilock. With the many colors and styles available you can be sure that JC Lawncare Inc of Bolingbrook, Illinois will create the hardscape of your dreams. We’ll help you choose which material will most suit your needs and budget. We’ll design the shape of the patio with the same stylish sensibilities that have won us so many awards.

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